Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nuclear WAR 2013


Anonymous said...

Curious... what was the reason for this post?

Anonymous said...

Just because, curious... What's the reason for your ignorance?

Anonymous said...

How am i ignorant.
I follow this blog to get info regarding any updates between n korea or iran.
But with pointless posts like this one I think ill reconsider using this website.
Especially if u r the one who makes the blog.

Anonymous said...

This video is pointless for what you are trying to do but most of the other articles and videos are very useful

Anonymous said...

Ah so there's a video?
I can't view the video on my mobile device so I'm missing a entire video...
I must be missing a lot on this site cause there's a lot of posts without any info, I just see the title.
I wonder if they could make it android friendly :(

Anonymous said...

Could you keep the content of this site about updates on the North Korean situation and not these silly doomsday videos with the overused "requiem for a Dream" music!
This is a potentially very serious situation, so lets have a bit of maturity and keep the factual content on here please!

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